Gay twink stars Joey Mills and Calvin Banks

Smooth twinks Calvin Banks and Joey Mills star in this latest offering from the masters of twinks and jocks, Helix Studios, and its condom-free and full of hardcore sex from the very beginning to end.
Calvin Clair is a good looking twink with a smooth, slender body, high cheekbones and he loves to do anything sexy outside, especially in the woods. This little boy-slut is five feet five inches tall with floppy brown hair, sexy sparkling green eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch dick and a lovely shaped ass.
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This new bareback gay teen video on Helix Studios

This bareback twink movie starts off with our super smooth twinks having a fun wrestling match on the bed. Calvin Banks and Joey Mills roll about on the bed as they have fun tickling and sitting on top of each other. Their dicks soon get rock hard with all their wrestling, and Joey tells Calvin that he wants his cock. Joey makes him beg for it, and as soon as Joey gets the chance, he whips off Calvin’s clothes and goes straight down on him. He chows down on that cock like he hasn’t had a meal for ages and sucks it down to its roots.
Calvin loves every minute of it, and he grabs Joey round the back of his head and pushes his head forward as he uses him for his own satisfaction. After pulling his own pants off, Joey carries on sucking that engorged twink cock. As his cock gets sucked to within an inch of its life, Cloe bends over and runs his fingers between Joey’s lily-white globes.
Calvin gets Joey to lie on his front, and as he opens up his sweet young ass cheeks, he looks up into the camera with a wicked grin and shows us just how smooth that twinks ass really is. There is no holding Calvin back now, he spreads that hole as wide as possible, and as he licks that tasty ass all around the outside, Joey starts squirming on the bed. Joey groans with lust as Calvin probes his tongue deeper and deeper into that delicious hole and doesn’t stop until it is swimming with his saliva.
Calvin gets Joey on to his hands and knees, and as he grabs a tight hold of his thick dick, he takes aim and slides it in inch by beautiful inch, right up to his low hanging balls. He grabs Joey round the neck and then fucks him raw and hard. The camera zooms in for a close-up as Calvin takes his cock out but leaves his bellend just inside. With a hard thrust, he is back inside that lad’s ass once more, and he fucks him like he is on a bucking bronco.
Joey Mills gets on his back, and as he pulls his knees up to his chest, his asshole feels empty for a second. But, not for long. Calvin Banks slides his cock back into that tight and tasty hole and keeps on banging away at Joey’s sensitive prostate until Joey’s body stiffens, and his cum flies out over his body. Calvin keeps on fucking him, and then as he pulls his cock, out, his twink cum shoots out all over Joey’s smooth body and gives him a cum bath.
Calvin Banks and Joey Mills make for a perfect coupling. They are both sweet, but they fuck as if the devil is after them. They are young and horny, and nothing is going to stop them fucking each other’s brains out until they have emptied their young balls all over the place. Joey Mills is new to Helix Studios, and although he only joined them back in November, this is already his eighth movie, and his ass is hungry for more, so keep an eye on him, as he will be cumming back for more and more twink or jock cock. more information on helix studios