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UK Hot Jocks has a whole load of mainly British young guys who have rock hard cocks, and hungry assholes waiting to be drilled. These are all shot in HD, and the scenes are worth every dollar as you watch the studly guys sucking cock, eating out an asshole, and there is plenty of ass play, and an unbelievable amount of fucking.
The site looks so good that you will have a hard boner even before you see any of the movies, and the navigation system is so easy to use, you can’t go wrong.
UK Hot Jocks

Uk Gay Porn Stars

The models in UK Hot Jocks ( see all videos at )are mainly between 20 and 30, but there a few older ones who fit nicely into the ‘daddy’ category. You will not find any skinny twinks here, these models are jocks with sculptured bodies, or they are full of muscle, but not so much that it will put you off. A lot of the guys are smooth, but some are hairy, and some guys are inked. You will see blondes, redheads, black hair, brown hair, you name it, they have it. Plus, as these models are mainly from the UK, you will see a lot of uncut cocks, where their meaty foreskins get pulled back, and there are also cut cocks from some of the American stars. They also have a few models from Europe, and those are drop dead gorgeous too.

Pornstars here include Kayden Gray, Leon Teal, Damien Ryder and Hunter Styles with his long thick dick. But, not all the models are full-on pornstars, some of them are fresh into the business, and others are not yet regular stars on the scene. You will find these guys, plus many more, having man-to-man sex all over the place. At work in the office, in a garage, outdoors, all over the house, and in the locker room. There are also a few domination movies for those you like it a bit on the rough side, and some of the guys dress up in leather and have fun with dildos and hardcore sex in a sling. There are also a lot of solo movies, where the guys look seductively into the camera as they stroke on their cocks, and some of the guys use a toy deep in their buttholes as they get ready to blow a thick creamy load.
There are over 220 HD scenes that can be streamed or downloaded in various formats, and this includes a format for most mobile phones. You can also see a whole load of photo galleries in high resolution, and these are downloadable in zip files.
UK Hot Jocks is a great site with plenty of models that will turn you on. The movies are in HD, the sound is great, and the close-up action will make you think you can actually taste all that sweet, salty cum that is getting blasted over faces, hard bodies, and freshly fucked assholes. Come on in and enjoy the ride. See more here

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‘Gods Of Men’ believe that the best sex involves all five senses, sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. film Billy Santoro in his first hardcore movie with them, and exclusive to star, Diego Sans, as they go in search for these exciting and sensual feelings all over their rock hard body’s bodies, as they make hot love to each other.

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Diego Sans surprises his hunky boyfriend, Santoro, by putting a blindfold around his eyes. He leads him to a chair and sits him down. He is ready to take them both on a sensual experience Billy has never felt before. He starts off by gliding his hands down and over Billy’s muscular hairy chest after he has taken his blindfold off. Diego stands directly in front of Billy a he moves his body in a sexy slow dance. He slowly strips his clothes off revealing his gym-built body bit by bit. He moves over to Billy and as he takes his shirt off of him, he kisses him passionately on his thick soft lips.

Diego loves the taste of his lips, his chest, and then he goes down a bit further and tastes Billy’s thick cock inside his mouth. Billy sighs deeply with a gentle growl of excitement as Diego lovingly sucks on his dick all the way to his balls. The camera goes in close as Diego licks Bill’s large ball sack and then back up to sucking his cock.
Billy then gets on to his knees on the chair, and pushes his firm butt out as he holds on to the back of the chair. Diego kneels down behind him and soon has Billy shouting out with pleasure as he runs his tongue around his sensitive asshole. Billy can’t stop himself from shouting out as he feels Diego searching every part of his tight crack as he pushes his tongue further in.
Their sounds of deep excited pleasure fill the room when Diego stands up and Billy kneels down on the ground and sucks on Diego’s seven inch hard dick. He makes sure that not one bit of Diego’s cock is dripping wet with his saliva before he sits back on the chair with his ass just over the edge.
Diego slides underneath the chair, and as he raises his hips, his cock slides easily into Billy’s hot and ready asshole. He starts off slowly pushing his cock in, but soon picks up the pace as Billy shouts out he wants it harder. They change positions and pretty soon, Diego is ramming his cock deeply into Billy’s ass with Diego standing behind him with himself bent over the chair again.
Billy Santoro then gets fucked on his back in the missionary position as Diego Sans carries on ramming his cock into his hot asshole until he knows he is about to shoot his load. He pulls his cock out and makes sure he shoots his tasty cum into Billy’s open mouth. Billy shoots his jizz straight after all over his hard hairy body that is wet from sweat.

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Information about Billy Santoro

Billy SantoroBilly Santoro is a handsome hunk with a powerfully built body covered in dark hair. He is a six foot versatile young man with a six and a half inch cut dick. He has black hair, brown eyes and weighs 185 pounds. Billy is married to his long-time boyfriend, porn star Seth Santoro, and have even appeared in a hardcore movie together. He has also starred in 28 hardcore movies for online website and was last seen in ‘Stealth Fuckers’ Parts one and five. Sadly we have not seen a video with Billy and Seth together , but maybe one day this will happend. One can only hope 🙂

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Fantastic gay star Colby Keller

See Colby Keller in this fantastic hardcore series as he tries to sell to sell the things in the house his uncle left him in his will. ‘Drill My Hole’ show us what happens when the muscular Casey More comes to an open day. Colby Keller is sat down in his hallway feeling frustrated. He has an open day, and as yet, nobody has turned up. He is about to give up when there is a knock at the door, and a very sexy Casey More walks in to see what he can buy. He has a look around but there is only one thing he wants, and that is Colby himself. Colby says he is not for sale, but when Casey writes down on a piece of paper how much money he is willing to pay for him, he quickly changes his mind.
gay male
Casey gets Colby to sit next to him on the couch, he’s so horny that he doesn’t waste ant time at all and goes straight for Colby’s eight inch, thick dick. He opens his pants
up to get at his own dick as he leans forward and starts sucking on Colby’s delicious tasting cock. Colby gets naked as his cock carries on getting sucked, and it doesn’t
take him long before he is groaning out softly; he rotates his hips as he inches more of his dick into Casey’s hot wet mouth.
Casey stands up and Colby gets to see his naked muscular body for the first time; it is covered in tattoos. He gets down onto his knees, as the camera zooms onto his open
asshole as he gives Colby a mind blowing blowjob. The camera stays glued to Casey’s hairy asshole as Colby moves forward whilst Casey licks and sucks his heavy
ball sack. Colby teases Casey’s fuck hole as he runs his hands up and down directly on top of his crack which makes Casey groan with pleasure.

Colby then smacks Casey’s ass so hard that he leaves a red hand print on his firm tight ass before he goes back to teasing his hole with his magical fingers.
Colby then licks Casey’s musky crack, and when he thinks it’s wet enough, he start fucking him with a big black dildo. Watching him getting his ass fucked makes Colby
even more than usual, he steps up behind him and sinks his cock deep into Casey’s dripping wet asshole and fucks him doggy style.
Colby then sits up on the couch with Colby ridding his cock like his cantering on a horse. He goes faster and faster with each hard thrust. Casey More stands up as his
balls tighten up in his sack, and as Colby Keller opens his mouth underneath him, thick creamy jizz drips out of Casey’s throbbing dick onto Colby’s waiting mouth.
Colby jerks himself off, and after spurting his own cum over himself he tells Casey not to worry about the money, this one is on him.
Casey More is a six-foot muscle bound God with a smooth chiselled chest and a couple of lovely hard nipples that he loves men to chew on. Casey is a top kind of guy
with an eight inch cut cock, who likes a bit of rough sex whenever he gets the chance. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and weighs 175 pounds of pure solid muscle.

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